This biology blog is a summation of my discoveries and inquiries made in class. I am currently seventeen years old and studying at Notre Dame High School in Belmont, CA. In the fall, I am planning to attend California Polytechnic State University. I will be an agricultural business major, but plan to adopt either a science or english minor. Throughout the year, this blog has served as a useful tool for learning and I am excited to share my findings from AP Biology.

– Nadine O’Riordan
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My advice to incoming AP Biology students:

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  1. Nadine- 🙂 Good job, and I like all the pictures you include. I like how you included dates above the lab, so as we add more, they don’t get lost in time. I like your format- it’s simple, but the pictures you add make it pretty and exciting, without taking away from the content.

  2. WOW! this is a great blog! I really like the project you did on limpets! (limpets field study) I did not know what limpets were, I thought it was like a disease similar to leprosy but it isn’t! Man was I wrong! Now I know that a Limpet is a common name most often applied to true limpets, a taxonomic group of sea snails! Thanks Nadine!

  3. I absolutely love your post about the home dna extraction. I tried this on my step-brother to see if we are actually not related but the results were inconclusive! I did happen to try it on my strawberries though and they happen to have the same parents!

  4. howdy! big fan of the blog, but yuck! that fetal pig dissection looked nastay!!! super cool but super gross.

    wash your hands boo boo

  5. yo! I loved the post about 100 years of breed improvement! Super insightful! I happen to have two dogs and it was crazy to see how different their breeds used to be. Really crazy to see how evolution has taken place.

  6. hola, liked your post “SEA OTTER RETURN BOOSTS AILING SEAGRASS IN CALIFORNIA” If it wasnt for you I would never have heard of this or made that connection. Your blog is a great place for fun, interesting studies! A++

  7. Just saw your great prezi about Meiosis! Now I know that during meiosis, the number of chromosome sets in a cell are reduced from diploid to haploid. THANKS FOR POSTING

  8. Dear Nadine,
    your video was inspirational and definitely put a smile on my face. You make the class seem bearable and have great advice to give people. I love your choice of background, how biology-tastic!

  9. Dear Nadine,
    Your video entitled “Fireside Chat” was very informative and interesting for me to watch. It made me want to take AP Biology just so I could be exposed to your great advice and humor in everyday life. I look forward to more posts like this. Also, the background of your blog will keep me coming back!

  10. Nadine, loved reading your research about nature vs nuture esp the study regarding identical twins separated for 39 years! Fascinating similarities!

  11. Nadine- This is great! I should be working on a midterm right now, but I am enjoying your blog instead. I am impressed with the amount of information you have learned. I will continue to ‘check out’ your blog in the time between my midterms and finals.

  12. Great video with great advice! As I teacher, I always tell my students to, “Ask for help!” It is cool to hear the same comment from a peer! And, to hear another student share….”Do not FREAK OUT!” BRAVO!!!

  13. Thanks Nadine for this insightful look at Biology. I was especially intrigued with extracting DNA from Strawberries. I wonder if you could determine if the strawberries were GMO? I also liked the LiMPETs program – and need to see if there is a similar program on the East Coast. Enjoy your well deserved time in Hawaii and the biodiversity of the Islands. Me ke Aloha Pumehana (the only Hawaiian I know). Madeline

    • Thats an awesome question. I think I would need to be able to sequence the DNA in order to look for any modifications. Thanks for the awesome comment Auntie Maddie!

  14. Nadine: As someone who has dedicated his life to medicine and HIV research, I am proud to see your growing interest in the pursuit of biological discovery. This makes me very proud of my niece! I look forward to discussing with you in the UK and Ireland this summer where we are in our current efforts to make a globally effective HIV vaccine, building on our early success in Thailand, and with more recent efforts in treating patients in the very earliest stages of HIV infection that might offer insights into cure.

  15. Looks excellent Nadine. Fascinating, really detailed and very well presented.
    Well done 🙂
    Uncle Liam.

  16. Nadine, I have enjoyed watching how your blog has developed this year and know you have devoted much time and thought into the content. You gained an understanding in both AP Biology topics and social media tools! It is so important to know how to present your findings and research in both a professional and creative manner. Kudos on creating an engaging blog!

  17. Looking forward to seeing you in August & getting to see this amazing mature person that you have developed into.. Well Done on your blog, the content & I am looking forward to reading your research of the future as I am sure there is much more to come!!

  18. This was very informative! Good job Nadine, I know you will go far in life. Keep in touch. Hugs n kisses

  19. Nadine! You really nailed it on giving advise to the new AP Bio students. This is a really encouraging way to help students learn that they should not be afraid of this class and it is extremely do able! Way to go!

  20. Your video was intriguing and showed your positive attitude and engagement in Biology! Great work!

  21. Hi Nadine,
    I really enjoyed your video highlighting your data collection trip to the marine reserve at Moss Beach for the LIMPETS program! I agree it’s very important to monitor the native species along our coastline. Hopefully your work will help identify what is causing sea star wasting disease and if the cause is man-made, hopefully we can stop it soon. Great work!

  22. Great job Nadine, what a fun blog! I shared it with Jack, and he is very intrigued! He loves science and your ideas. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  23. Really interesting information on a variety of subjects, Nadine. The article on the selective breeding of dogs and its unintended consequences made me wonder whether we humans are responsible for the disappearing Y chromosome… Good work!

  24. Nadine,
    Your work is inspiring! Each subject was a little more interesting then the last and it was a creative way to get people’s attention on such important matters. The Marine Reserves at Moss Beach was definately my favorite. We need to help save our coastline creatures!

    Teresa Young

  25. Hi Nadine, I love the setting in your video. It is so peaceful and I love you advices! From taking AP Biology this year, your advices are extremely helpful and I believe that if the future students take your advices they will definitely get A++++++++. Great job! Enjoying your blog!!!

  26. You must make a blog or I’m disowning you! But seriously this actually funny and it’s probably going to be inspiring for the next batch of struggling ap bio kids who are actually healthy enough to actually go to class.

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